BIM Academy Smart Connected Buildings

BIM Academy design platform transforming BIM and IOT data into actionable advice for building owners and occupiers

The consultancy has successfully concluded the Smart Connected Buildings project which aims to integrate building design information, sensor data and user feedback to produce meaningful alerts and advice to builders and owners.

The project was undertaken over 12 months in partnership with Northumbria University and National Energy Foundation to assess the feasibility of a building performance measurement and advice platform, something currently lacking in the industry.

Your Homes Newcastle supported the scheme, providing homes to deploy over 60 sensors gathering data which were linked to a 3D building model, delivering alerts to stakeholders and providing a central source for analysis.

Data collected through the sensors included room temperature, humidity, ambient light, CO2, and energy usage, all of which could be linked to specified areas of the model and displayed in real time.

The core gain of the innovative new system is the ability to make users aware of problems early to minimise impact.

Considerable development has gone into ensuring the platform can handle a high frequency of data, making sure it is adaptable to meet client needs.  The Smart Connected Buildings project would enable existing sensor platforms to collate data and produce further essential insight on findings.

Moving forward, plans are already in motion to develop the Smart Connected Buildings project further in a commercial subscription based platform offering client consultancy.  The team are now exploring using machine learning to give actionable advice.  Based on the needs of the project, BIM Academy expanded its technical services team by recruiting an additional computer scientist.

Watch how Smart Connected Buildings works.

Smart Connect Buildings part one two, three, four.

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