Ryder is proud to be the number one architect in Best Companies to Work For 2021.

We have completed our graduate and apprenticeship recruitment for 2021 and will reopen applications on 1 February 2022.  We are passionate about attracting a diverse range of people into the built environment – find out more about the alternative qualification routes we offer at Ryder.

•  Senior architects in all locations
•  Senior architectural technologists in all locations
•  Landscape architect in UK
•  Senior landscape architect in UK
•  Project coordinator in Newcastle
•  Researchers in UK

Please check this page for future opportunities.

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We aim to attract likeminded people who share our values — passionate, collaborative, pioneering — and the vision of Everything architecture.

Everyone benefits from a flexible approach to their working lives and we strive to provide the best approach to personal development, wellbeing and giving back. We do this through a range of rewards, internal programmes and partnering initiatives.

Our rewards package includes a generous pension, profit share, private healthcare and enhanced parental leave.

Ryder Bursary Winner 2017

We place great importance on your personal development from the very beginning of your career, continuing throughout your time at Ryder. You will be assigned a mentor to provide support and guidance. Our teams enjoy annual international trips to expand their knowledge and strengthen team bonds, as well as opportunities for international secondments.

Along with the development of technical and project skills, Ryder provides an annual programme for professional skills training. The Ryder Bursary is a grant to support students during their studies and has few equals in supporting architectural education.

Our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion is founded on fairness with welcoming and safe environments for everyone.  Part of this commitment is ensuring that trans and gender non-conforming people can easily and safely disclose their pronouns.  Some people do not align with the gender that was assigned to them at birth and often pronouns are gender implied, such as he/him or she/her.  These associations are not always accurate, and we cannot assume pronouns based on name or physical appearance. Using incorrect pronouns can be hurtful, angering, invalidating and distracting.

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At Ryder, people can choose to include their pronouns in their signatures, which is an easy way to share pronouns without having to make an announcement.  We understand that not everyone is comfortable sharing their pronouns. However, by stating our own, we can provide the opportunity for others to disclose their gender. Using someone’s correct pronoun is a way to show respect and consideration.

Ryder Architecture is an equal opportunities employer.  We deliver advice and services to the highest standards of expertise and quality, which means we are seeking to select, promote and reward in accordance with merit.

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