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Scottish Crime Campus

Read Building’s review: With its DNA-inspired design concept, BMJ and Ryder Architecture’s £82m Scottish Crime Campus provides compelling evidence that police buildings don’t have to be grim high-security compounds.


Maglev Rail Network

Thomas Lane (Building) discusses the technology behind magnetically levitating trains, and puts forward the argument for a high speed maglev rail network across the UK.


Empathies between Mackintosh and Holl in Glasgow

Gordon Murray considers Steven Holl’s new Seona Reid Building at the Glasgow School of Art (GSA) in relation to Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s art school opposite, in this 2014 ARQ article.


Education For Smarter Profession

Gordon Murray, writing in ARQ, discusses the need to review the structure and practices of architectural education.


1 West Regent Street

Take a look at 1 West Regent Street, an office and retail development in Glasgow – from the RIBA Journal, 2015.


Schools Within Schools

Read about Ryder’s approach to stakeholder engagement in Public Sector Build Journal’s article: When Ryder Architecture was given the opportunity to design a new build school, Denton Community College, the firm's extensive collaboration with teachers, pupils and stakeholders resulted in an exciting and challenging brief.

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