SpaceX Finalists Welcomed to Horse to Hyperloop

Poddy the Second, the creation of Edinburgh based student team, HYPED, will be hosted in the Horse to Hyperloop exhibition.

Elon Musk with the prototype
Elon Musk with the prototype

The Hyperloop pod was developed as a prototype for the 2018 SpaceX competition lead by Elon Musk in Los Angeles and will make its way from America to Newcastle to become part of the fascinating and engaging demonstration of the super speed technology within the historical Cooper’s Studios on Westgate Road.

HYPED is advancing both technical and commercial development of Hyperloop, having seen success in two international competitions.  Ryder and Arup’s Northern Arc proposal and HYPED were both two of ten global winners of the Virgin Hyperloop One Global Challenge in 2017 and see a collaborative path ahead of them. Having received private investment and public grant support, the student group have now started a company looking to commercialise their work on Hyperloop and accelerate its development in the UK.  Newly formed Continuum Industries Ltd seek to establish themselves as leaders in optimisation and system integration technology and serve as a platform between the industry and decision makers to develop high speed transport systems in UK and beyond.

Poddy the Second
Poddy the Second

Paul Bell, partner at Ryder said, “Northern Arc is a proposition to connect the major cities of the north of the UK with a transformational ultra high speed surface transport system building on the emerging technology of hyperloop, bringing together a city region population of over 11 million in a journey time of only 47 minutes between Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Tees Valley, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool.

“Northern Arc builds on the principles of the Northern Powerhouse to create a more inclusive, better connected agglomeration of northern cities, creating a new super economic region to compete on a world stage. We are hugely excited at the prospect of a collaboration with HYPED, bringing together both UK winners of the Virgin Hyperloop One Global Challenge with the aim of placing the UK at the centre of world transport innovation once again.”

Adam Anyszewski, former president of HYPED and one of the directors of the newly formed company said, “Poddy the Second encapsulates our vision for Hyperloop in the long term and incorporates levitation technology with electromagnetic propulsion, modular structure and liveable environment.  Our group placed sixth at the 2018 SpaceX competition and received very positive feedback from SpaceX judges, including Elon Musk himself. We are honoured and excited to participate in Ryder’s Horse to Hyperloop exhibition with an aim to showcase what future of transport could look like, how it builds upon millennia of technical developments and how transport innovation positively influences general wellbeing and prosperity.”

Horse to Hyperloop opened its doors on 22 June and has so far welcomed over 5,500 visitors who have been able to interact with the Northern Arc Hyperloop tubing system around the atrium, design and enter a bridge to the future competition and have a go at being a city architect with modelling packs of famous north east landmarks.

Entry is free and the exhibition is open daily from 11:00 – 17:00.

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